James has an ongoing assortment of original motion pictures and motion picture scripts he has produced and written. They can be viewed here. Subject matter ranges from multi-genre features to shorts, all fictional and documentary.


Original Films

Title: "The Mystery Of The Deane House Vortex"

Original Broadcast Date:  07/08/2006

Broadcastor: CHUM TV Inc. "Space" cable channel

Format: Documentary

Original Unpublished Feature Scripts

Title: Alice

Genre: Young Adult Drama

In 1978 a Brother changes the life of his epileptic Sister and ends up changing his own

Title: Ski Shack

Genre: Comedy

A group of Employees at a small ski hill are about to lose their jobs because the business is being closed down. To stave off unemployment they come up with an idea for an incredible on-hill festival that will either save the hill or send them to jail

Title: Dead Mountain

Genre: Thriller

A group of Scientists and their mountain Guides are trapped inside a dormant volcano that's slowly becoming active. As they fight their way out they are killed one at a time by the ancient Creature that lives there

Original Unpublished Teleplays

Series Title: Are You Afraid Of The Dark (YTV  1990-'96, 1999-2000)

Genre: YA Thriller

Episode title: "The Tale Of The Song"

Betty Ann tells the strange tale of a group of Alien teenagers who come to Earth to play soccer and learn about music

Series Title: Corner Gas (CTV 2004-2009)

Genre: Sitcom

Episode title: "The Dog River Incident"

Hank Yarbo inadvertently makes Dog River the tourist capitsal of Canada when he discovers the remains of a flying saucer in farmer Max Yasgur's wheat field

Title: The Girl By The Fence

Genre: Young Adult Drama

A physically and emotionally damaged girl learns the true meaning of being "normal" as she struggles through love and hate during her last months of senior high school

Series Title: Degrassi TNG (CBC 2001-2010)

Genre: YA Drama

Episode Title: "The Hero Takes A Fall"

Fiona becomes a hero when she rescues an Elderly Lady from a fire but when it's learned that she caused the fire she has to deal with the consequences

Series Title: Friends (NBC 1994-2004)

Genre: Sitcom

Episode title: "The One About The Camera"

Chandler and Joey are persued by the Zoo Police for taking pictures inside the lions compound while Rachel tries to secretly get a boudoir photo shoot done

Series Title : Heels and Hair (Original Pilot)

Genre: Sitcom

Episode Title: "Pictures"

Series Premise: Employees of a hair salon/coffee shop stumble through     life, love, and survival in Toronto

This is an adapatation of the original script "The One About The Camera" for the series "Friends"

Coffee shop barista Milton and city worker Brad help hairstylist Jennifer take photos of lions at the zoo with hilarious consequences. Meanwhile hairstylist Daria encounters unexpected complications when she tries to get a boudiar photo shoot done

Series Title: Star trek TNG (Syndication 1987-1994)

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Episode Title: "Dreams" Cpt. Picard uses a Crewmember's memories to create a holodeck simulation to foil a Romulan plot to take over a Federation planet